CS 61A Resources
Fall 2017 Section Information
Office Hours: Sunday, 12-2 PM (411 Soda)
Lab 123: Wednesday, 9-10:30 AM (273 Soda)
Discussion 123: Friday, 9-10:30 AM (405 Soda)
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Lab Challenge Problems
Every lab, we are going to go over one past exam challenge problem based on the previous week's content. Solutions will be posted after lab.
Lab 5 - Summer 2015 MT1 Problem 4 (Sol)
Lab 6 - Fall 2016 MT2 Problem 7a (Sol)
Exam-Level Problems by Topic


      Sp14 Final Problem 1c (Sol) [What Would Scheme Print]
      Su14 Problem 6 (Sol)
      Sp13 Final Problem 6a & 6b & 6c (Sol)
Discussion Slides